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Our proprietary refinements to the ultra-reliable Bruno Civolani “floating bolt” action ensure the Aselkon Shotguns are able to quickly cycle even the lightest 12 gauge loads. Inertia system consists of 3 main parts; bolt mechanism, rotating bolt, and inertia spring. Thanks to its simple combination, inertia system functions faster and flawlessly. Unlike the gas operated systems, since the burnt powder gas does not contact with the mechanism, system remains clean and requires less maintenance. Aselkon’s rotating bolt utilizes our unstoppable Inertia Technology Locking System to ensure positive bolt head lock-up to the breach under all conditions.

Aselkon recoil pads which are made of a mixture of special polyurethane and rubber materials minimize the recoil and provides acomfortable targeting and shooting..

Aselkon barrels are standard with our precision drilling, honing and chrome coating process.
Aselkon Barrels are designed to increase accuracy, to shoot comfortably and function superbly with both light and heavy loads.

Each Aselkon barrel is subjected to a proof test with 1500 BAR high pressure test cartridge before leaving our factory.
We engineered the interchangeable InterPro Chokes to maximize the constancy of shot placement through reduced friction that enhances load speeds.
Aselkon’s improved loading mechanism provies the user quite a smooth loading.
The center of gravity is balanced on the forend to ensure a comfortable carry and practical shooting.