We, ASELKON AŞ, are a well established international company that manufactures and exports Hunting, Sporting, and Tactical Military Purpose Shotguns, Pistols, PCP Air Rifles and all spare parts of firearms in accordance with internationally accepted standards, especially to ATF and CIP proof tests, and Country-Specific Firearms Compliance Regulations. We’ve been actively operating in the firearms sector since 2006 with our vast experience in manufacturing and exporting to more than 50 countries. Our products are highly appreciated in many leading markets in the world.

Thanks to our 20.000 m² fully integrated production facility, with our dynamic, productive and experienced technical staff, we manufacture every parts of guns from raw material to final product in our own facilities without depending on any external factor. In this way, in every stage of prodcution we manage our quality control perfectly and provide a high level of quality assurance.
As well as our major operations in international markets, we continue to cooperate with government and military forces in delivering diverse projects regarding armored vehicles, missile launcher platforms, crane – machinery and construction industry.
As being one of the leading manufacturers in firearms industry, we constantly improve our product and service quality with the concepts of high automation and flexibility in order to provide better quality products and effective solutions for the needs customers. We always aim the best in quality and increase the customer satisfaction.